DURACRIL (E5800) auto enamel

Duracril film forming products are auto, bi-component enamels with fast drying and remarckable resistance to scratching is part of products for special finishes class (anti-scratching films). It is used as finishing coat in painting systems intented for painting and auto repairing. Are recommended both for metallic surface protection for interior and exterior, and for new and previously painted surfaces.


  • remarkable resistance to scratch
  • very good covering capacity
  • special decorative aspect
  • very fast drying
  • high and lasting gloss
  • remarkable levelling
  • excellent resistance to temerature, humidity, light and chemical agents(engine oil, silicone, mineral, band oil, antifreeze solution, gas)
Colors According with colors cartel
Mixing rate 6:1
Hardener Duracril KÖBER Hardener
Thinner Duracril KÖBER Thinner - approx. 15%
Air-spraying gun 4 - 5 bars; nozzle: 1,5 - 1,8 mm
Product self-life in package 5 hours
Operation 2 process; at 5-10 minutes between coats
Object temperature 20°C
Object temperature 60°C
10 hours- air drying (20°C)
60 minutes- oven drying (60°C)
VOC regulation Maximum allowed value for product (cat. II B/e) 840 g/L.
This product has 540g/l VOC.


4 - 5 bar
1,5 - 1,8 mm
2 process,
at 5-10 minutes
between coats
10 hours at 20°C
60 minutes at 60°C

Duracril KÖBER Hardener (I580)

The hardener for DURACRIL is product based on aliaphatic poly-isocyanate, used as a hardener component, through chemical reticulation, for DURACRIL auto enamel.

Duracril KÖBER Thinner (D580)

DURCRIL auto thinner is a mix of organic solvents with echilibrated composition, used to thin DURACRIL enamel at the necessary vascosity, according to the application method. It is used only in the application moment with maximum 15%.

DURACRIL auto system

Bi-component enamels are products with fast drying and are delievered in two components:

  • DURACRIL enamel base component (E5800 lot)
  • Hardened based on aliaphatic poly-isocyanate (I580)

These products may be used both oven and air drying system. If drying process is in oven it is recommended to apply an anticorosive auto primer (G5000 lot), followed by two coat of DURACRIL auto enamel (lot E5800). The entire applied system is oven dried for 1 hour at 60°C, but previously dried 30minutes at 20°C temperature. If the painted components are air dried, it is recommended the application of one anticorosive auto primer (G5000 lot), after this primer it applied one nitrocelulosic putty coat(lot C1202S) and, finaly, 2 coats of DURACRL(lot E5800) auto enamel.

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